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Difference between coarse crusher hammerhead and fine crusher's
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Coarse crusher and fine crusher are both for crushing the raw materials, the latter to undertake the former work.  Fine crusher is also called sand making machine which belongs to crushing equipment just like crusher. Sand making equipment exerts greatly in sand making industry which is widely used for crushing and shaping soft, medium hardness and extreme hardness material. Compared with fine crusher, crusher machine is mainly used for crushing massive material into small pieces which are used for grinding machine and fine crusher. The differences above decide the distinctions of wear-abrasion components between them.

At first, there are some distinctions between their processes. In current market, the fine crusher hammerhead is usually casting hammerhead; crusher hammerhead has two kinds: casting hammerhead and forging hammerhead. Compared with casting hammerhead, forging hammerhead made of the same material has more excellent performance feature.

Next, there are differences in material selection between them. Fine crusher hammerhead usually adopts high-chromium alloy material which is of strong wear abrasion but has not enough stability; crusher hammerhead mainly adopts low carbon alloy steel which has lower wear abrasion than high-chromium alloy.

Separately there are advantages and disadvantages between coarse crusher hammerhead and fine crusher hammerhead. For overcoming disadvantages, on the basis of original hammerhead manufacturers make some innovations and promotions on processing craft and material selection in order to raise its performance feature. As to processing craft, adopts vacuum casting method which makes crystal grains finer and fundamentally eliminates casting defects.

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