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Block machine maintenance problems
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Block machine maintenance problems

Brick machine mostly in sand, gravel, rain and snow and other harsh environment operations, its technical condition must decline faster than other machines, will occur between parts with different degrees of loosening, wear, corrosion and fouling phenomena, The connections with the nature of the position relationship between parts of mutual coordination and organization of work and so will be subject to varying degrees, resulting in its power, economy, reliability and other performance indicators of decline and even cause the machine accident. Thus, we must attach importance Mianshaozhuanji technical maintenance.
Brick machine, block making machine technical maintenance means: to make mechanical often in good technical condition, to ensure reliability, improve efficiency, extend the service life of mechanical adopted a series of technical measures. The main content is clean, tighten, lubricate and adjust the main, combined with the relevant inspection and testing. Various types of machinery and equipment in the "use and maintenance manual"have a clear maintenance regulations, but in the actual work did not pay sufficient attention to this often, mainly as follows:

   ① existing "to support amendments on behalf of" thinking. Absolutely no technical maintenance program, the machine often with "disease" operation, only when the machine can no longer work, only for repair.

    ② harsh environmental conditions due to site constraints, technical maintenance provided not by the maintenance of "quantity" to, but what comes to mind what maintenance, what maintenance to see what.

    ③ participate in the maintenance of the quality of personnel is low, can not be carried out by the maintenance of operational procedures, nor the appropriate maintenance records.

    ④ relatively scarce in capital, you can not schedule maintenance, or use of irregular fuel and spare parts.

    ⑤ In order to keep things tight schedule, no scheduled maintenance, neglect and forced mechanical operations, and other operating conditions.

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