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Knowing something about India maybe helps you in Mining equipment trading
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Economy is based on the agriculture, The agricultural population is 74% if the total. The main crops are rice, wheat, cotton, jute, sugarcane, tea and so on. Mining and spinning are the main industry, also include Iron and steel, electric power, petroleum, chemical, rubber, coal, match, etc. they export Jute products, tea, iron ore, cotton fabrics and leather, etc to country such as America, Japan, Britain and Russian, and import food, machinery, equipment, vehicles, petroleum products, steel, metal, chemical products, etc from other country. and for now, China is a main parter of India. Mining equipment is one item which indian would like import from China.

India is a populous nation, each only own a little space, There are a famous place - Dharavi slum, one of the big slums of the world. many people live there  (poor and rich), there are also specialty industry (working shop) such as Pottery, enterprise, tanneries, waste recycling companies. these shops creat great profits to India, People who live here almost everyone have a job, even more.  but they only earn little money, because their Cheap labor.

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