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High Efficiency Concentrator

high efficiency concentrator

1、Introduction Of High Efficiency Concentrator

 The High efficiency concentrator machine of our company is suitable for dehydrating water of the concentration and gangue in the concentrating factory which can make the mash of 20-30% raise up to 40-70% about. It is widely used for melting, chemical, coal, non metal concentration, environment protected etc industry. High efficiency concentrator machine is not only a settlement and a new type dehydrating equipment of combining and mash percolate.

2、The features Of High Efficiency Concentrator

 1.Adding flocculating agent, bigger the diameter of the deposit solid grain, speed up the deposit.

 2.Set the lean board, reduce the mash deposit distance, increase the deposit square.

 3.Have effect on flocculating. Percolating, compressing and dealing quantity of the slurry deposits.

 4.Fit the perfect automatic facility.

3、Technical Parameters Of High Efficiency Concentrator

Model Concentration pond
Deposit square
Harrow part Motor Capacity
Model Specification Inner dia. Depth Pond degree Method Height
Driving Lifting
NZS-1 Ø1.8m 1.8 1.8 2.54 Manual 0.16 2 Y90L-6 1.1kw   5.6 1.235
NZS-3 Ø3.6m 3.6 1.8 10.2 Manual 0.35 2.5 Y90L-6 1.1kw   22.4 3.064
NZS-6 Ø6m 6 3 28.3 Manual 0.2 3.7 Y90S-4 1.1kw   62 8.751
NZSF-6 Ø6m 6 3 28.3 Manual   3.7 Y90S-4 1.1kw   62 3.649
NZ-9 Ø9m 9 3 63.6 Auto 0.25 4.34 Y132S-6 3kw XWD0.8-3 0.8kw 140 6.134
NZS-9 Ø9m 9 3 63.6 Manual 0.25 4.34 Y132S-6 3kw   140 5.146
NZS-12 Ø12m 12 3.5 113 Manual 0.25 5.28        
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