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Baking-free Brick Machine


1、Introduction of Baking-free Brick Machine

 Rotary Flyash Dryer also named Drum dryer, is used to dry slag , clay and other materials in construction , metallurgy, chemical , and cement industries .Rotary Flyash dryer is made up of a rotating object, a winnowing board , a wheeling device , an upholding device , and a sealed circle . It has reasonable structure , high quality , and low energy cost . Being of excellent workmanship , it is easy to operate. 

2、Features of Baking-free Brick Machine

 [1]high washing performance , reasonable structure, and large capacity; 

 [2]little loss of the sand during the washing process and low failure rate ; 

 [3]it's the best choice for sand washing industrial exchange and upgrade. 

3、Application of Baking-free Brick Machine

 Rotary Coal Dryer is used to dry slag ,clay ,limestone ,it is mainly used for cement ,chemical ,metallurgical ,building materials industries.Rotary Dryer is used for drying materials with a certain humidity or granularity in milling of ores ,building materials ,metallugy and chemical industry . Rotary Dryer has a strong adaptability of materials and it can dry various materials ,The operation is very simple and liable.

4、Working Principle of Baking-free Brick Machine

 Dry and wet material from the belt conveyor or bucket elevator to the hopper,then by feeding machine of hopper through charging pipe into the feed side. Feeding pipeline’s slope than the natural material, in order to materials smoothly into dry containers.Drier with the horizontal cylinder is a slightly into tilted rotating cylinder. Material from high end to join, heat body by low-end enter, with material into counter-current contact, also have heat body and materials together and flow into the barrel. with the cylinder rotate by gravity materials to a run on the bottom of the end. Wet materials in the cylinder body forward movement process, directly or indirectly got heat body heat, make wet materials to dry, then the discharge end by the belt conveyor or screw conveyor sent. In the cylinder body wall with copy plate, It is the function of the material copied up and planted,make the material and the airflow contact surface increases to improve the drying rate and to promote material progress. Heat-carrier is generally divided into hot air and flue gas. After the heat-carrier by the dryer, generally need the cyclone to trap the material of the gas down. through the bag filter or wet dust collector and then put emissions,if you want to reduce dust content of exhaust gas.

5、Technical Parameters of Baking-free Brick Machine


rotate speed
inlet temperature

production capacity

Ф600x6000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 3 0.5-1.5 2.9
Ф800x8000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4 0.8-2.0 3.5
Ф800x10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4 0.8-2.5 4.5
Ф1000x10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 5.5 1.0-3.5 5.6
Ф1200x10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 7.5 1.8-5 14.5
Ф1200x12000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 11 2-6 14.8
Ф1500x12000 3-5 2-6 ≤800 15 3.5-9 17.8
Ф1800x12000 3-5 2-6 ≤800 18 5-12 25
Ф2200x12000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 18.5 6-15 33
Ф2200x18000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 22 10-18 53.8
Ф2200x20000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 30 12-20 56
Ф2400x20000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 37 18-30 60
Ф3000x20000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 55 25-35 78
Ф3000x25000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 75 32-40 104.9


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