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Crushing industry thrive under the guidance of National Policy
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At present, overcapacity has become one troubled problem that the enterprises have to consider. Whether China's future economy that towards to urbanization development can break the impasses of current crusher industry or not? Of course, the accelerating of China's urbanization development course undoubtedly plays good role in promoting the development of the crusher industry, but how much of the effect?

In the past, the development of China's crusher industry is seriously influenced by government factors, but it is undeniable that China's crusher industry has made a leap in the development by relying on a number of national investment policies in the past few decades. From jaw crusher to hydraulic cone crusher, cone crusher to mobile crushing and screening equipment, etc, China's crushing technology has made a considerable progress. However, China's current infrastructure construction is stagnant, which also results in the arrested development of crusher industry, which is worthy of worry. Does China's crusher industry fatherly develop by only relying on the guide of national policies? If left the guidance of national policies, whether China's crusher industry can develop smoothly or not in the international market?

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