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How to buy Unburned brick making machine without fooled?
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How to buy Unburned brick making machine without fooled?

How to buy Unburned brick making machine:
1. try to buy big manufacturers, do not covet those little cheaper to buy quality and service not guaranteed.
2.To take a closer look at the brick manufacturers of raw materials used in production, and various spare parts (mainly the thickness of steel, motors, cylinders, and PLC, etc.).
3: the number of brick shape each can directly affect the yield, so as much as possible the number of forming more.
Intend to do medium-sized brick I suggest that you use 4-20, his price will 15 million people, including mixers, hoist, trolley. The device of the biggest advantages is that he does not need a large number of pallets, only 15 around the plate can be faster, save for investors is not a small sum of expenditure.
Cement ratio on the issue, I think that I can not answer your question, because every place is not the same raw materials, mainly based on local raw materials to the ratio of.
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