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Brick machine categories of Henan Ruiguang Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
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Brick machine categories of  Henan Ruiguang Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan Ruiguang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is to provide non-brick making machine equipment which related products and information about the company, The non-brick making machine equipment in Henan ruiguang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a breakthrough in technology reform progress non-brick making machine equipment has also been the trust of many customers.  The company mainly produces non-brick making machine equipment: brick, brick machine, burning-free brick, unburned brick press, pulverized coal Gray bricks machine, sand-lime brick, block and brick and other brick machine equipment.

Products in Henan ruiguang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.are: color brick machine, block making machines. Brick machine present more varieties, divided into turntable, vacuum extruder machine and automatic hydraulic press machines. Brick-making machine has two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, molding pressure, product quality, production, become the main use and promotion of market models. Sintering can also be divided into the brick machine brick and brick machine. Brick machine brick machine by pressing into the autoclave after the autoclave curing, this requires the formation of brick machine brick forming pressure, and this brick is more environmentally friendly than fired brick and conservation of land resources.

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