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The drying equipment ignition should master skills summary
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Henan ruiguang the auspicious light dryer equipment on before operation should be mastered before ignition skills the tips, dryer in the preheating temperature must grasp the good temperature, heating speed is not too large, risen wildly, heating process, will give the dryer a accept heating time, although the time is short, the temperature of the master just not appropriate and dryer have dryer material effect a lot of direct sexual relationship.
Dryer equipment basically all the three air duct or four duct burner, nozzle center has ignition device. Normally it is best to use light diesel oil ignition. Because of this ignition, oil burning coal blend, YongMeiLiang less, flame temperature is high, the pulverized coal burnout rate is high. If you use wood ignition, flame temperature is low, the initial spurt of coal powder only volatile and part of fixed carbon burning, head ignition general use oil-immersed cotton yarn package tied to the cheese stick, lit in the nozzle, and then immediately below before injection. Standby at a slightly higher temperature within the began to spray people a small amount of pulverized coal. The flame stability, cotton bag also quickly burn out, take cheese stick. With the increase of after YongMeiLiang, flame stability degree rise, gradually reduce the light diesel oil spray people quantity, until all cancelled, in the meantime, dryer tail temperature should follow the temperature curve for slow rise. In RSP type decomposition furnace, that RSP decomposition furnace eddy decomposition room have enough temperature accelerated pulverized coal combustion, the dryer before ignition should be 2 C4 cyclone cylinder ash discharge valve lever hoist. In this way, the tail section high temperature gas can enter the eddy decomposition room the ash discharge valve and the dryer body plays the role of preheating temperature.
Mastering the dryer ignition little tricks, make the dryer cylinder body temperature equilibrium, dryer in the drying process of ignition this step see is simple is also very important.
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