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Concrete block equipment helping maximize the benefits of construction projects
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Concrete block equipment helping maximize the benefits of construction projects

Fly ash is the current displacement of one of the larger industrial waste at this stage in China has reached 30 million in slagging t. Follow the development of power industry, coal-burning power plant equipment, mineral processing mineral processing equipment, ash emissions increased year by year. A large number of fly ash not addressed, will produce dust, pollution of the atmosphere; if discharged into the river water can cause blockage of the toxic chemicals which will harm the human body and biological. Therefore, fly ash handling and use of subject aroused widespread attention.
Using the strengths of fly ash in the fly ash aerated block saves a lot of cement and fine aggregate; and reduces water consumption, improves the filling mixture workability of the block,  enhances pump filling the block can be sex, reduces creep block filling, reduces heat of hydration, thermal expansion, progresses in filling the block impermeability,  increases filling of the block to polish.
The use of the national standard level of fly ash: fly ash and superplasticizer of high quality composite technology produces high-grade blocks of modern filling equipment, filling the block of new technologies the country is developing rapidly. National Standard Grade: high-quality fly ash in particular the type used in pumping concrete, mass concrete, structural concrete impermeability, resistance to sulfate corrosion of concrete and concrete and underground resistance to soft water, underwater concrete, grouting concrete and RCC. GB levels: fly ash aerated blocks with ease, and can pump strong finish of the improvement in impact resistance improvement, frost resistance enhancement strengths. Impact Crusher, vibrating screen stone production line, cement equipment, roll crusher, cone crusher and other equipment has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. Welcome to buy!
Aerated concrete block wall materials, equipment, innovation and architecture as an important component energy sector, is an application through the years, Henan Building Materials Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Ruiguang practice proved ideal for a replacement wall materials brick, aerated concrete block device block device will be filling in the full development of the last decade a new type of lightweight construction materials
In a variety of wall materials with strong competitiveness. The need for reform because the wall blocks and processing gas products possess strengths, aerated concrete block equipment classification aerated concrete, broadly speaking, all aerated concrete, including aerated concrete block equipment, concrete and foam added air-entraining agent for concrete. The talk is narrowly aerated concrete block equipment because of the characteristics of aerated concrete aerated concrete with light density, high thermal insulation function, sound-absorbing effect, and has some advantages such as strength and processability, is the first application in China, the use of the most widely used light wall materials. 1 light: porosity of 70% to 80%, volume density is generally 400 ~ 700kg/m3, for the ordinary concrete 1 / 4, clay brick, 1 / 3, hollow brick 1 / 2, and the wood soon after poor can floating in the water. Reduce the weight of buildings, a significant reduction in total cost of buildings. Generally based on the kind of raw materials, the use of technology and commitment to the function classification. Aerated concrete according to form, can be divided into a variety of block or plate. Aerated concrete according to raw materials, can be divided into autoclaved (sand) and autoclaved aerated concrete block (gray) aerated concrete block two. By use of aerated concrete can be divided into non-load-bearing blocks, bearing blocks, insulation blocks, wall panels and roof panels of five.


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