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Autoclave Aerated Concrete Production Line

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Profiles of Autoclaved Sand-lime brick

Autoclaved Sand-lime Brick is sand and lime as main raw materials, allow mixed pigment and admixture, the blank preparation, pressure molding, the high-pressure steam curing and become common suggested brick. Autoclaved suggested brick (hereinafter referred to as suggested brick) is a mature technology, excellent performance and energy saving, new building materials, it is suitable for multilayer composite structures building bearing wallboard.

China began in 1958 research development autoclaved suggested brick, 1960 from May 16 hole turned east German imported disc pressure brick machine in Beijing completed autoclaved suggested brick production line, and later developed eight hole turn disc pressure brick machine, greatly promoted the development of the autoclaved suggested brick, make it become have sand, lime resources and lack of clay resources region's main wall materials.

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