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Chinaware Ball mill

chinaware ball mill

1、Introduction Of Chinaware Ball Mill

 Ceramic ball mill also named Chinaware Ball Mill,it is mainly used to mix the raw materials, grinding, the product the fineness of uniform, save power.It is both dry grinding, also can be wet grinding.It Adopt energy saving design, stable running and enclosed pollution-free.It mainly used in ceramic glaze materials, superfine quartz powder, etc for material iron content and clean degree requirements harsh fine grind homework.

2、Working Principle Of Chinaware Ball Mill

 Grinding medium, be ground material and water from enters the material mouth to join, cylinder rotate, grinding medium in centrifugal force, under the action of and cylinder rotate together, was taken to a certain height, after falling down, falling gravity when cast objects like grinding medium as will the cylinder body material break. At the same time, in the cylinder rotate process, grinding medium occur between sliding, and give the materials for abrasive.

3、Featurer Of Chinaware Ball Mill

 This machine can according to production needs to adopt different lining board type, in order to meet different needs. Grinding operation, rely on the fineness of milling time voluntary control. Motor self coupling decompression startup, reduce starting current, its structure is divided into enblock and freestanding. This product has less investment, a similar products energy-saving omit report, novel structure, convenient operation, the use of safe, stable and reliable performance characteristics, suitable for ordinary and special material mixing and grinding operation. Users can according to specific gravity, hardness, and materials according to production factors such as comprehensive consideration to choose the appropriate models and liners, medium type.

4、Main Technical Parameters Of Chinaware Ball Mill

Type Outfit Feed
Cylinder Speed
600×700 0.05 50 2.2 550
800×600 0.75 42 3 1100
900×1200 0.2 38.5 5.5 1600
1300×1500 0.5 33 7.5 1900
1500×1800 1.2 28.5 11 2522
1800×2000 1.5 24 15 2750
2100×2300 3 22 22 4502
2500×2700 5 16.5 37 7630
2700×4000 10 14.5 57.2 11350
3000×5000 15 13.5 90 17050
3400×6600 18 13 135 25680

 The liner material: wear-resisting corundum lining brick, silica, rubber and metal (supporting power based on ceramic mill adopts the liner material and grinding materials of different can vary)

 Note: the above machine heavy excluding liners

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