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The importance of aerated concrete equipment
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The importance of aerated concrete equipment

Aerated concrete products in China are developing very rapidly, the prospects are bright. Aerated concrete construction industry has become a pillar industry of China, China's introduction of the technology nearly four decades.
As the aerated concrete equipment in the importance of the construction industry, Henan Science and Technology Co., Ltd focus on delivering Ruiguang mechanical aerated concrete equipment, sand-lime bricks, autoclaved fly ash brick equipment, sand and gravel production equipment, metallurgical beneficiation complete sets of equipment , Broken equipment, five series, more than thirty kinds of products, more than 100 specifications. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, refractories, ceramics and other industries
Aerated concrete as the wall materials innovation and an important part of building energy efficiency is an application through the years, proved an ideal alternative to brick wall material, which in a variety of wall materials with strong competition Force. Countries in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" clearly stated: "the development of aerated concrete sheet and annual output of 10 - 20 million cubic meters of aerated concrete block production line, autoclave curing, mechanical cutting. " As the need for reform and the wall Aerated concrete products possess the advantages of aerated concrete will be the last ten years to develop a new type of lightweight construction materials
Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Henan Ruiguang production of aerated concrete equipment, mainly two kinds of production process, fly ash aerated concrete blocks and aerated concrete production line equipment in areas such as technology and equipment are to achieve industry-leading level. Aerated concrete block is river sand, lime and cement as the main raw material, made of aluminum paste for the gas agent, the raw materials pulverized, mixing ingredients, pouring gas evolution, static stop cutting, autoclave made of a green conservation environmental protection, new self-insulation wall materials. Light weight, high strength, durability, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection, permeability and anchoring good performance characteristics, with the construction of convenient, high workability, can reduce the total cost of buildings, increase the use of the building area, etc., have been quilt widely used in industrial and civil buildings, becoming one of the most thriving, with good performance of the wall material. Is the main push of a new national project.

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