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Autoclaved lightweight foam cement blocks and the difference between aerated concrete block
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  Autoclaved lightweight foam cement blocks and the difference between aerated concrete block

Barrier materials in accordance with foam blocks, divided into the following two:

Foam cement blocks is the use of foam and cement mixing small particles condensed, with light, heat, noise, fire safety of high-quality performance, but also due to the use of small diameter greatly reduce the cost reasons, the ideal non-load bearing walls supplies.

Autoclaved foam concrete blocks, mainly by the cement, slag, river sand for the production of raw materials, mixing the air after the foam by pressure to force air into the mix type within the mixed slurry, micro bubble structure of the concrete poured casting, the autoclave reaction processes is made, is an environmentally friendly, energy saving, material stability of new wall materials. Using autoclaved foam concrete brick wall materials of buildings completed and two years later by the test quality and meet the state quality, noise, energy saving, fire safety and other standards. Is non-load bearing walls with brick

Autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete although cement, lime, but the real steam-cured cement composition is formed during the hydration crystals; aerated concrete although mineral particles, but has no aggregate pulverized by a high degree of or aggregate features to speak of ... ... In fact, autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete but a man-made water heat Portland stone. Obviously, it is different from traditional materials, therefore, the use and dissemination of such material, a natural completion of the production, design and construction departments of the staff priority.

Autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete is characterized by light density. It is even lighter than water, 50%, even more than some of the wood but also light, with only about 1/4-1/5 of the volume weight of ordinary concrete, clay brick, 1 / 3, the housing built by the weight of it will be dropped significantly, while it also has thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, impermeability, workability, green and other characteristics.


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