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Autoclave Aerated Concrete Production Line

Multi-axial mixer

1、Introduction of Autoclave Aerated Concrete Machine

Autoclave aerate concrete brick(AAC) is the light and porous building material.It has light keeping temperature cant burn and can be made into many kinds of brick.they could be used industry building and common building ,they are more and more popular in the the futhure.They will replace the clay brick completely

2、Features of Autoclave Aerated Concrete

1、The steel material is supplied by Baosteel,it is the most famous steel company in China and the whole world,The quality is highest

2、We have the advanced and vocational technology researching team,we can make the mould  according to the requipment of clients quickly.the machine line design absorb advantages of product of Germany

3. The advanced

3、Application of Autoclave Aerated Concrete

1.Stocking and supplying raw materials

2.Processing raw materials

3.Batching and pouring


5.Grouping and maintaining process

6.Steaming in autoclaves

7.Final products packaging

4、Working Principle of Autoclave Aerated Concrete

AAC is made from silicon material (silica sand, or recycled fly ash and silica gangue) and calcium material (lime, cement), mixing with foaming additive (aluminum powder), batching with water, the reaction between aluminum and concrete causes microscopic hydrogen bubbles to form, expanding the concrete to about five times its original volume. It is made into the multi-cells silicate products by the processes of resting, tilting, cutting and autoclaving

5、Technical Parameters of Autoclave Aerated Concrete



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