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Rotary Disc Feeder

 rotary disc feeder

1、Introduction of Rotary Disc Feeder

Rotary Disc Feeder is a kind of widely used volume of continuous feeding device, can be uniformly continuously feeding the material sent to the next device, you can adjust the amount of feed can be fed to send powder, a small block of material (such as the pulverized coal, clay, etc.), general mills, dryers commonly used ancillary facilities. Which, DK type is hanging open, DB-type closed for hanging

2、Features of Rotary Disc Feeder

1、Grind and mix material

2、Simple & reliable structure

3、Durable & energy save

4、Feed evenly & continuous

3、Application of Rotary Disc Feeder

Disc feeder is new & high-efficient feeding equipment, it can even and continuous send the material to the next device, feeding volume can be adjusted and can also be  used for powder, granules or small pieces of materials. It has the below advantages: compact structure, reasonable design, smooth operation, reliable, long life &convenient to install and disassemble

4、Working Principle of Rotary Disc Feeder

PZ series heavy seat disc feeder is a supplementary equipment in the material conveying system. The disc feeder is generally used for conveying lump or particle materials with the volume of no more than 2500kg/m³ from storage bins, hoppers and other containers to transportation devices continuously and evenly. The feeder is applied to feed and distribute exactly, continuously and evenly for metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry and mechanized casting workshop

The feeder controls the feeding quantity by adjusting disc rotational speed and the depth of the scraper inserting into materials. The temperature of the feeder's working environment is -40°C~+40°C. It is not suitable to convey bad-mobility materials

There are three types of the motors to be selected. A stands for Y-series asynchronous electric motors. B stands for YCT-series electromagnetic speed-regulating motors. C stands for Z2-series direct current motors. Customers can select according to their need

5、Technical Parameters of Rotary Disc Feeder


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