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Autoclave Aerated Concrete Production Line

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1、Introduction of Autoclave Aerated Concrete Production Line

 The Autoclave Aerated Concrete Equipment can follow raw materials classification. The craft characteristics of the quality, equipment, etc, adopt different crafts to produce. Generally speaking, water wears into the thick liquid material to add fly ash or the silicon sand, slay, put powdery lime, right amount cement, gypsum into and foam pharmaceutical, steady to steep pharmaceutical is it inject mould into in the frame to mix, is it foam solidification to rest, cut various kinds of specification building block or panel, is it keep cauldron to steam to send into to maintain the car to steam, maintained the concrete products which forms the porous light quality by the high-pressure vapor of high temperature.

2、Process of Autoclave Aerated Concrete Production Line

 1. The raw materials store in the material storehouse (or stores the pot) after dealing with reservly such as the lime, cement, gypsum, sand (or flyash).

  2. Aluminium powder or the aluminium lotion is through dealing with the reserve material for use.

 3. Raw materials measure according to certain matching by electron balance measure, aluminium powder, water put into aluminium powder mixer is it is it suspend the liquid to make to mix after measuring.

 4. The batching water (cold water or hot water pitcher hot water) is measured by the electronic water balance.

 5. Put into and pour among the mixers in certain order after, raw materials, aluminium powder suspend the liquid is measured, pour and enter the mould after mixing evenly (panel should be put network slice of reinforcing bar in advance in the mould).

 6. Quiet to is it raise in advance to park through certain temperature and time, is it transport to the cutting machine to hang from upset hoist upset 90o after the base body reaches certain intensity, the drawing of patterns is cut.

 A. The base body carries on the side and cuts and mills the trough vertically at first.

 B. Then carry on the vertical level to cut.

 C. Cut horizontally finally.

 D. Cut good base body is it raise to cauldron car go on one yard of shelves organize into groups to steam to transport to hang to drive a vehicle to load.

 7. Organize into groups good base body is it keep cauldron is it is it raise to steam to go on to steam to enter to draw.

 8. Is it raise products well produce after the cauldron breaking the board off with the fingers and thumb by the board breaking off with the fingers and thumb machine to steam.

 9. Is it pile from finished product hoist or forklift to finished product field pile the buttress according to specification to carry.

 10. Steaming and raising the car and side board and entering the next board of circulation and returning after, the finished product is unloaded, with upset hoist mould frame association that drawing of patterns get off, restore 90 Degrees return to pour mixer pour again after clearing up.

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