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Still Kettle

 still kettle

1、Introduction of Still Kettle Machine

Still Kettle is a big container-like pressure equipment, it is used to steam and cure the green body of sand lime brick, fly ash brick, aerocrete block, new and light wall materials.The equipment is mainly used tor the production chains such as hydrolysis, neutralization, distillation, evaporation and so on.

2、Features of Still Kettle

1、Professional technique

2、Easy operation

3、Durable and high quality

3、Application of Still Kettle

This still kettle is made of steel horizontal tube-shaped equipment, and the weld of the pressure parts is checked with heattreatment according to the national realted stantard.The kettle door are sealed with imported rubber seal from the professional factory, and it is easy to fix.

4、Technical Parameters of Still Kettle

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