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Introduction to environmental protection equipment exhibition in China Network
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Introduction to environmental protection equipment exhibition in China Network

China Environment Protection Equipment Exhibition Network was established in 2006, is a large environmental protection equipment professional portal, the main sewage treatment equipment, raw water treatment equipment, air purification equipment, instrumentation, consumer single-reduction equipment, public Sanitation facilities, filtration equipment, fans, ventilation equipment, cleaning, cleaning equipment, flow meters, dust removal equipment, valves, general equipment, waste recycling, environmental protection, supplies and other fields of professional users to create a global online marketing services platform, committed to Environmental protection equipment and related enterprises at home and abroad to build a bridge of information interaction, opportunities for the customers!

Based on the industry more than 6 years of operation, environmental protection equipment exhibition in China has accumulated a remarkable network of service experience and extensive customer data resources, has a registered membership of nearly 200,000 individuals, more than 40,000 member companies, more than 30 provinces and cities across the country and 28 countries and regions, average daily page views (PV) over 1.3 million. Relying on Network Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou hundred stations service experience and a wealth of information about the field of solid strength of the Internet has become the largest environmental protection equipment industry professional website.

 China's environmental protection equipment network to a unique mode of exhibition for the industry provide a wealth of services to meet user demand for a comprehensive marketing, fast and convenient online trading platforms, trade shows and other online and offline multi-channel integration to maximize service Breadth and depth. Site to maintain close cooperation with the international media, the establishment of a large information service system is the most influential environmental protection authority of online media.

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