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Improvement of discharge ball mill
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Improvement of discharge ball mill

Non-magnetic mineral (including gold, copper and molybdenum ore and other non-ferrous metals) in the ball mill concentrator (or semi-autogenous mill) equipped with a drum sieve general.The role of sieve tube is ground after the screening of fine materials to the slurry pool.Screen is large and the large grain size broken stone ball, small ball size pieces missing to the next screen, with the crushing of materials into the slurry pool together, through the return ball mill cyclone, in which the broken ball mill discharge only in the ground When fine particles can be discharged together with the slurry in this system, otherwise no exports, mortar pumps, screw classifier and cyclone and other major mineral processing equipment and pipelines and other ancillary equipment, causing serious wear and tear, increased maintenance cycles and cut-off time To reduce the mineral system equipment on facts, influencing the economic benefits
More critical is that these have no effect in the "waste" the ball, concentrate in the grain size did not meet before, never played in this cycle, "counterproductive. " If the development of a new type of non-magnetic iron ore processing equipment used in the process, solve the problem of broken balls in the discharge, you can reduce equipment wear and tear, as well as ball mill, "make"more efficient space and improve the efficiency of ball mill.
Transformation of mineral systems in the design, the proposed discharge of the broken ball on the ball to "no longer involved in" circulation problems, the field for the iron has a unique and challenging issues to the author based on this new product development team For research, and products named "curved ball separator row Mine", referred to as "magnetic arc. "

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