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Separator Selection Guide
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Separator Selection Guide

1.Material is wet pulp should be used in CT (counter-current trough N>) (downstream slot S) (semi-countercurrent trough B) the selection of high grade ore with low magnetic field less mineral taste of some low surface if the field strength was higher on the election.If the two used in parallel, the first elections for the 1600-1900 high magnetic field strength chosen selection of roughing the surface of the second field to the right lower 1400-1600
2, Dry ore, the ore in order to save water into the mill in the small break before the election and then rolled into the Dry, also known as magnetic pulley.There are three, the first full magnetic rotation of the RCT, the second half of the magnetic fixed CTZ, the third full magnetic two-way rotary QCGX-1, has the following advantages of the two-way, which enables the magnetic particles with magnetic impurities has a roll Good separation. Magnetic separator with small models can get the maximum yield.
3, our company can design different types of users, special environmental requirements, in addition to iron equipment.
These are my company over the years, according to the basic properties of magnetic separator and the use of the majority of users, the selection you provide some basic precautions.If you encountered in the selection of what kind of technical problems, please contact us together with you to solve the problem.
Note: This product samples product technical data, dimensions for reference only, such as the user need special types of products, our company can provide the technical requirements under the given production, tailored to your products for your magnetic separator .

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