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Dryer_its dust removal technology
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Dryer dust removal technology

1. Cyclone dust removal technology
      Cyclone dust removal technology with low cost equipment that can handle high-temperature gas, easy, high concentrations of gas for dust features. Its working principle is the role of the fan, the dust flow from the higher rate of import along the tangent direction to the dust spiral, the spiral rotation as top-down, under the action of the centrifugal force dust, left behind to the outer wall, and the next spin along the wall, with the contraction of the steering cone axis, the resistance by the lower back, along the bottom axis of rotation by the spiral core tube discharge. Gravity and the outer wall of the dust particles in the air, driven by the downward movement along the wall falling into the ash bucket, to achieve the purpose of dust. The cyclone is to rely on inertial separation of dust, dust removal efficiency and particle size is proportional to a large dust particle size effect; small particle size, dust removal is poor, generally deal with more than 20-micron dust collection efficiency of 70% to 90% .
2. Bag dust removal technology
Bag filter stability, high efficiency, easy maintenance, reliable operation is generally accepted, its 0.1-micron dust particles of gas, dust removal efficiency up to 99%, dryer exhaust dust bag filter selection without regard to the concentration of emissions exceeding the issue. Anti-condensation glass dryer is the ideal bag filter dust purification equipment. The device uses computer control, compartment cleaning, regular cleaning, and equipped with temperature measurement showed that over-temperature alarm device, the use of CW300-FcA anti-condensation glass fiber filter bag, the bag can effectively prevent condensation, it will not burn bad bag. Diameter of 3 × 24 meter slag dryer will be replaced by a two-stage dust removal LFEF7 × 358-HSY / H anti-condensation bag filter, determined by the environmental protection department, exhaust capacity of 42,621 standard cubic meters per hour, imports dust concentration of 69,620 milligrams per standard cubic meter, export dust concentration of 147 milligrams per standard cubic meter, up to the national emission standards. Not only improve the yield, and recovery of the dry material, cost 70 million a year, also received a significant social benefits. However, there is an area of ​​large bag filter, the shortcomings of high investment, with the bag film technology, this shortcoming will be overcome, the use will be more extensive.
3. High-voltage electrostatic dust removal technology
High-voltage electrostatic dust removal technology is 50 Hz, 220-volt alternating current into direct current added to the 100 kW or more corona electrode (cathode) to form uniform high voltage electric field, the gas ionization produce large amounts of negative ions and electrons, so that the electric field of the gas into the charged dust , under the action of the electric field force, charged dust tend to the opposite electrode, the anode dust very general, relying on rapping discharged into the ash bucket, to complete the process of cleaning dust. High efficient low resistance electrostatic precipitator can be used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical and other industries where dust pollution. It handles high concentrations of dust, or high on 0.01-micron micro-resistivity dust, dust removal effect is more obvious, the series of products to meet different air flow drying equipment, matching flexible dryer exhaust characteristics for dust control.
4. Wet dust removal technology
Wet gas dust removal technology is adopted by the induced draft fan duct dust tower into the lower part of the larger cross-section, the flow rate decreased, and the coarse particles of dust in the air in the first settlement, a smaller rise with the air of dust, spraying water droplets down reverse air movement and dust, the dust is wet weight increased in gravity, air lift to overcome the decline into the muddy water, through the lower pipe into the sedimentation tank, to achieve the purpose of dust. Muddy water usually after 2 to 3 changes of water cycle precipitation, dust tower into the circulation pump to use, does not cause secondary pollution. The operating pressure generally used for dust removal technology for drying clay, a variety of materials (raw) materials drying, use of recycled materials can not be easily mixed, and the blades wear larger. Cement plant in Suzhou in diameter 2.2 × 12 meter clay dryer technology used on wet dust emission concentration of 132 milligrams per standard cubic meter, up to the national emission standards. Sedimentation tank cleaning once a year, by drying wet storage, as the production of raw materials. The dust removal system, dust collection efficiency, low resistance, no secondary pollution, flexible, reliable operation and low power consumption, investment, no condensation, adaptable, with good economic and social benefits.
5. Gravity sedimentation + high-voltage electrostatic dust removal technology
The settling chamber and the high-voltage electrostatic dust removal process is composed of dust emission from the induced draft fan speed through the duct into the settling chamber, the collision to the walls, air to change, so that wind speed decreases rapidly settling dust particles, emitted by transportation equipment, fine dust airflow into the high voltage electrostatic precipitator with electric field, in the continuous ion bombardment and charged, and toward the pole to be collected dust discharged, purified gas from the duct into the atmosphere. Two-stage dust removal, primary settling chamber above the 40-micron dust collection of large particles and reduce dust concentration of gas, help to improve the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator dust, wind speed can be a little bigger, equipment can be smaller, to reduce investment. Zhejiang Lanxi diameter of 22 × 12 meter cement clay dust dryer process, dust emissions from the dryer hood by the suction fan by the end of the duct into a square steel plate settling chamber, exhaust gas after settling into the high voltage electrostatic precipitator, into the atmosphere after purification. Fan installed in the interior and the settling chamber, electrostatic precipitators installed on the outside, the normal operation of dust removal system, used for many years, no condensation, measured by the environmental protection department, emission concentration of 48 milligrams per standard cubic meter, lower than the national emission standards.
6. Cyclone + high-voltage electrostatic dust removal technology
The dust removal technology is the dryer exhaust duct into the top level by the high pre-cyclone dust, dust from the ash hopper equipment by the discharge, air dust concentration decreased, and then into the secondary high voltage electrostatic precipitator dust , clean out the fan after the gas into the atmosphere, the dust removal efficiency, flexible, safe and reliable.
Dryer exhaust gas dust removal technology, not only protect the environment, reduce the labor intensity, also increased when the production units, reducing the expenditure of sewage charges, recovery of the dust is a good raw material in cement production, there are significant economic benefits, social and environmental benefits.

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