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Ball Mill _Determination of cyclic loading ball knowledge
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Determination of cyclic loading ball knowledge

There are two methods to measure the load cycle ball:

The first is the actual measurement method: real side of the law is directly given unit of time and return the original ore weight of sand weight of Q S (they are dry by volume), then: C = S / Q of the original calculation of cyclic loading. Equipment, the use of spiral classifier, the return sand weight determination of inconvenience, it is not commonly used.

The second is the screening method: screening method is the emission from the mine in Henan ball mill equipment, grading machine back to the product of sand and overflow, respectively, while the three samples, the sieve analysis, access to the product size distribution data , according to the principle of material balance calculation of cyclic loading. Row ball mill equipment compound, at a specified yield of grain size; classification specified above overflow in the yield of grain size; graded sand back to the yield of the grain size. Calculated cyclic loading rate, the yield of the product yield can be calculated by individual, but also can accumulate rate. However, according to different grain-yield calculations, the difference can not be calculated for each too. Can be calculated by the average of all levels as the cyclic loading rate.

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